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Picking Away at the Novel, Little by Little – Plus Mice

Last time I posted was October 2nd.  My word count was at 25,056.  It’s been five days and I’ve hardly had time to work on the novel, except to edit and add just a few words here and there.  So, right now I’m at 25,858.  That means that last week I wrote 3,379 words total.  That’s not too bad, but not where I want to be.

There are some explanations for my crappy last few days – one is that I got busy on paying projects.  Another is that I am taking some classes and I needed to focus on them for a couple days.  But my final excuse is both gross and entertaining.  That is, when I decided to put my laundry away in the drawers which lie beneath my bed, I found dog food and mouse droppings in my drawers.  That’s right.  No mouse was in the house, but his droppings were snuggled in between my clothes and my husband’s clothes in every drawer beneath our bed.  Yum.

This event inspired a frantic cleaning and search through our bedroom and our home.  The search was for naught, however.  There was no mouse in the house that we could find, and its nest appears to have been our drawers alone.  So… I don’t really know what to do, but I am super paranoid and see mice feces in every dust bunny in our home.  I stepped on a fuzzy dog toy in the middle of the night on my way to the bathroom and almost freaked out.

So, this is an request to all mice that may deem our home a great place to live.  I agree with you, tiny rodents, it is a pretty great place to live.  But please don’t come here for a vacation, don’t create your home here, and definitely don’t retire and die here.  I will likely scream and get my husband if I discover you before the cat does, and my husband will capture you and take you a block away to a great looking bush, then release you as he has done with mice in the past.  Our neighborhood has many cats between that bush and our home, so don’t come crawling back here.  Stay away, oh mousey, stay away.



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2 thoughts on “Picking Away at the Novel, Little by Little – Plus Mice

  1. Love the quote! LOR lol

  2. Thanks, Kev! Which quote did you like? 🙂

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