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It’s Been a Whole Week

I have not posted in a week, which is a sad state of affairs.  As you may guess, I did not do nearly as well last week as I did the week before.   I am at 34,743 words, which means I wrote 2,804 words last week.  I basically wrote Monday and Tuesday and that’s about it.  I was a bit under the weather, which sucks.

Just to give an idea of what I need to accomplish now to make my goal of finishing my novel by the end of NaNoWriMo, I need to write at least 25,257 more words.  I probably should make that number 35,257, because I’d like my novel to be between 60k and 70k words.   In the last 20 days (since I started counting), I have written 12,778 words.   I have 41 days until the end of November.  When you take out weekends (because I almost never write on weekends) and Thanksgiving, I have 25 days until the end of November.  This means I have to write 1,411 words daily.  That’s actually not that bad.  I was doing the math while writing this and expecting to get a frightening number out of it.   That’s only about 7,055 words a week (that’s a five-day week).

So, I guess I’ll go for at least 1,500 daily.

I’ll write another update when I do my writing.  Right now I have to catch up on work stuff.

But, so I don’t leave you with nothing, this is what downtown Portland looked like yesterday (and probably looks like today if the fog in my backyard is anything to go on):



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