Writing 365

Warning – May Emit High Levels of Random

Writing 365 – Day 7

I didn’t end up writing yesterday, which was a bummer, but I’m back on track today. Today’s story was suggested by my Facebook friend, Eva G. Here’s the prompt:

“THE ROADS ARE ICY!” he screamed from his rocking chair at the hospital window. Outside it was a balmy 89 degrees.

Since I woke up today to a world covered in frost, this one seemed particularly appropriate.



“THE ROADS ARE ICY!” the old man screamed. He swayed back and forth in his rocking chair, staring out the condensation-covered window into a world of snow and ice. He could picture children sledding down the small hill outside of the hospital, slipping and sliding through the snow. He could almost see the car skid across the road and into the hill – narrowly missing a sledder.

“Mr. Aldridge, please,” said a female voice from behind him. He craned his head back and saw Marie, his young Polynesian nurse, at the doorway.

“That man needs to look out!” he told her.

“Let me help you to your bed,” said Marie, sighing. In spite of herself, her eyes slid to the window. Nothing was going on outside, as usual. Just the huge hospital parking lot stretching out to the road, where traffic flowed smoothly in the warm sunlight. She’d checked the weather before she left for work that morning and she remembered that at 11 am- now – the highs were 89 degrees.

Mr. Aldridge grabbed both handles of his walker. He could smell the snow now, that fresh, frozen scent. His eyebrows furrowed. “Someone should tell those kids to be careful, or they’ll sled right into traffic.”

Marie sighed and guided him to his bed.


Mr. Aldridge woke to a darkened room. He looked at his watch. It was only 1 PM, but the snow piling along his windowsill was blocking out most of the sunlight. He struggled for a moment, thrashing around in his sheets until he became untangled.

“Those youngsters out there better be careful,” he thought. Indoors was toasty and warm, but he could feel the cold air coating the window and trickling over to his bed. He pressed the buzzer for Marie.

“Yes, Mr. Aldridge, what….” Marie stopped midsentence and stared at the window. She took a step back, her hand to her mouth.

“Do you think you could rustle up some extra blankets, Marie, and maybe a hot cocoa?” asked Mr. Aldridge, still looking at the snow covered window.

The nurse straightened her spine. There was no way she was seeing what she thought she was seeing. It was September in Los Angles, hardly a chilly season even during an El Nino. This year had been exceptionally hot, not just in L.A., but in the entire world. There was no way on god’s green earth that snow was piling up on that window. She stepped back into the room and forced her legs to keep moving.

As Marie got closer to the window, she felt the cold pouring off of the glass and smelled a crisp, frozen scent. She touched the freezing window, rubbing the condensation off the glass and peering through. Across the parking lot and the road was a small hill covered in children and their sleds. She saw a little boy sledding down the hill toward the busy road. A car wavered and skidded out of control, heading for the hill. She put her hands on the glass and screamed a warning to the man on a collision course, “THE ROADS ARE ICY!”


Thanks to Eva G. for the great prompt! I’ll see you all again tomorrow.



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