Writing 365

Warning – May Emit High Levels of Random

Writing 365 – Snow

We don’t get a lot of snow here in Portland, Oregon, so the fact that it’s snowing right now is a huge deal. Today, I’m going to write a little vignette about taking my dog out in the snow.


Quiet feet pad across the crystalline white. My dog’s furry body is just right for this kind of weather. I am bundled up with a long sleeve shirt, sweater, scarf, hat, big jacket, and gloves – and I’m still cold. I wish I was wearing long johns.

The world has remade itself for my dog. His tail wags as he snuffles through the gleaming flakes, finding the smells dampened and buried. I forgot my phone, so I’m just listening to the world around me. The wind whistles across the creek, whipping flakes from the trees. Soon, this snow will turn to icy rain.

Clouds above me are tinged blue and gray with the early decline of the winter sun. A crow caws and for a second there is nothing else in the world but the snow, my dog, the endless sky, and me.

That’s about it! I’m excited because not only is it a snowy day, but it’s my bday! I hope everyone else is having a fabulous afternoon.

See you tomorrow!


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