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A Rant About My Generation

Recently someone I love, who has kids my age, posted a video called something like “What’s Wrong with Millenials.” In it, the speaker talks about how we, as Millenials, cannot help but be entitled little brats. It’s our parent’s fault, the fault of technology and more. He said that all we want in the workplace are beanbag chairs and laptops.

About a week earlier, I was watching the Daily Show and Trevor Noah made a crack about how there should be another economic collapse because every generation deserves to know what it feels like to try and fail in a crap economy. (I’m paraphrasing.) He then went on to name Millenials as the generation that deserves this lovely opportunity.

REALLY?!?!?! Seriously guys – do you know how OLD Millenials are now??? I am a 31-year-old first-time mom who is a Millenial. I am technically not even a mom yet – I’m having my first baby at 31. You know when my parents and their parents before them had babies? MUCH EARLIER! My husband and I made a conscious decision to wait until we could kind of squeeze by and sort of afford having a child. More and more people in my generation are waiting for similar reasons.

I’m sorry, but these recent jabs at my generation are the last straw for me. I cannot believe that people are still Millenial bashing. Give me a goddamn break.

Instead of all this idiotic supposition about bean bag chairs, tech addiction, and how we just need a good economic crisis for us to get ourselves together – let me give you some facts:

  1. According to Genhq.com, Millennials were born between 1977 and 1995. According to TheAtlantic.com, Millennials were born between 1982 and 2004. So, let’s get our facts straight here. You mean no one has actually defined who is in this generation? What a shocker. Also, according to that Atlantic article we are “the worst.” Thanks.
  2. If we take this ridiculously extreme date range as our entire generation, the oldest Millennials are those tech-addicted, bean bag chair loving 40-year-olds lazing about with their entitled ways. If we take “the worst” generation article, the oldest in our number is one of those latte-loving, selfie taking 35-year-olds. Apparently, people over thirty don’t want money or respect or to rise through the ranks in their career trajectories, they want unearned accolades and fake prizes!
  3. According to Complex.com and PewResearch.org, Millennials are the best-educated generation to date – with some of the worst prospects for the future. To top that off, the cost of college is on the rise.  Perhaps that’s why we aren’t big diamond and home buyers?
  4. Guess what, Trevor Noah – first of all, YOU’RE a Millenial. Second, Millenials already lived through the 2007/2008 economic crisis. I was working a job in real estate at the time. Then I ended up working two jobs so that I could pay rent – and even then I barely squeezed through the last economic collapse by the skin of my teeth. I had friends who had to drop out of college to work so they could manage. They JUST got their degrees THIS YEAR. Others graduated college to the prospect of a job at Chilis. So, no, we don’t need another one, thank you very much. BTW, I get that he was making a joke, but it was an irritating one.
  5. I’m going to go with the GenHQ age range, because according to this article the New York Times, Newsweek, and a consumer research firm called Iconoclast generally agrees with the years, give or take. Let’s see what we entitled jerks have accomplished since, oh, 20 years after they were born – so 1997 to present day:

1997- Broadband comes out / the first Harry Potter book hits the shelves / Tiger Woods wins the Masters / Princess Diana dies / There’s a global economic crisis scare / the Prius is invented

1998 – Google is formed / Bill Clinton is impeached / Viagra hits the market

1999 – We get Wi fi and Blackberries / Panama gets its canal back / Columbine happens / Dow Jones closes about the 10K mark for the first time

2000 –  The dot-com bubble bursts / George Bush becomes president

2001 – 9/11 happens / Enron closes its doors / The Patriot Act is passed / No Child Left Behind Act is passed / We invade Afghanistan in a never-ending war / the iPod comes out/ Wikipedia is launched / The Buddhas in Afghanistan are destroyed

2002 – The euro is adopted / Guantanamo Bay accepts its first prisoners / Halle Berry is the first black woman to win the Best Actress Oscar

2003 – Electronic payments outnumber paper checks / Iraq is invaded / Saddam Hussein is captured / NASA launches the Mars Rover / the Human Genome Project is completed / Myspace is launched / China launches its first manned mission to space

2004 – Facebook is launched / Podcasts are invented / The groundbreaking for the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero occurs / We find out there was once water on the Moon / Bush is reelected

2005 – The space shuttle Discovery goes into orbit and returns safely / Images of Titan’s surface come from the Huygens probe / Flash drives replace floppy disks / Suicide bombers in London / Angela Merkel become first female German Chancellor / YouTube is launched

2006 – iTunes gets its one billionth download / the Louisiana Superdome reopens after Katrina / Tesla Motors opens its doors / Twitter is founded / Pluto gets a demotion

2007 – The first female speaker is sworn to office in the House / the Steroids Scandal in baseball happens / Virginia Tech happens / Economic downturn happens just in time for Christmas / Apple iPhone comes out

2008 – The first black man is elected president of the US / eBook sales skyrocket and print book sales decline / Michael Phelps wins his 8th Gold medal  / US oil prices hit an all-time high

2009 – The Tea Party begins protests / Google starts its driverless car project / Michael Jackson dies / Non-oil-based plastic is invented

2010 – We see a reverse in the economic downturn / ACA is passed / BP rig explodes in the Gulf of Mexico

2011 – Osama Bin Ladan is killed / The first Occupy Wallstreet protest occurs / The war in Iraq is declared over

2012  –  Driverless cars are licensed in Nevada / Obama is reelected / Aurora, CO theater shooting happens / Sandy Hook happens

2013 – Cornell scientists grow the first living ear / the Boston Marathon tragedy happens

2014 –  ACA goes into effect / Russia annexes Crimea

2015 – Baltimore riots for Freddie Gray happen / Diplomatic relations are opened with Cuba / San Bernadino terror attacks occur / Same-sex marriage is legalized nationally

2016 –  Pulse nightclub attacks happen / the Cubs with the world series / D. Trump becomes president


(See sources for all of this at the end of the post)

Yep, it seems like we Millenials have been sitting around on our entitled asses, not doing anything, weathering no storms, and refusing to participate in society. I hope you hate Google, Twitter, Facebook, iPhones, hybrid cars, and women in government. Because this is what I found in a quick Google search. I bet that, if you actually took a look at what Millenials have gone through and participated in accomplishing – you’d find even more goodies.

Now, I’m not saying that Millenials accomplished everything alone. In fact, I think my Boomer parents would agree that I needed their help to get my life going – heck, I wouldn’t be alive without them! But I think it’s time to stop saying things like “Millennials are the worst” or “Millennials are entitled assholes” or “All Millennials want are bean bag chairs” or “Millennials are delicate snowflakes that want to be rewarded for coming in last place.”

Guess what, we want what you want. We want to be paid fair wages, we want our work to mean something, we want families and a house and the American dream. We want to take responsibility for our past and for our future. We want to make this world a better place for our children.

So, the next time you hear someone bashing Millenials, or you have the impulse to bash Millenials, stop and think. If you were born in the last forty years, guess what? You’re one of us.












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2 thoughts on “A Rant About My Generation

  1. Great post, Julia.

  2. Karen on said:

    Well said

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