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What I Learned from Watching Murder She Wrote

I did not have a normal TV watching education as a kid.  I pretty much exclusively watched Nick at Nite, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Salute Your Shorts, cartoons, and old westerns when I was really young (like 8 years old).  This was due to a lack of cable TV, and the fact that we got about four channels via the rabbit ears on our TV, one of which was inexplicably Nickelodeon.   Later on I watched Star Trek, The Simpsons, Sliders, MTV (real music videos – especially the ones with pop-up facts) and Mystery Science Theater 3000.  When we finally got HBO I watched movies.  I never watched Buffy, Dawson’s Creek or anything considered normal for my age really.

With this background, it may be understandable why, when I was really young – I think 9? I got super into Murder She Wrote.  I’m not old enough that these were not reruns.  I was staying with my friend in Maine and her grandparents (who owned the cabin we were staying in) watched the summer reruns of Murder She Wrote religiously.   I never watched it after I left Maine, but that, warm rain, picking blueberries, and skinny dipping for the first time are the most memorable parts of that trip.

Thanks to Netflix, and the song “Murder She Wrote”, I remembered my long lost love.   Though I’m pretty sure the song has nothing to do with the tv show.  Unless I’m missing something and Jessica Fletcher changed her name to Maxine and got into reggae in a later season.

After watching several episodes in which Miss Marple… I mean Jessica Fletcher… solves more murders than a homicide detective is likely to see in one lifetime – many of which happen in a tiny town in Maine, I have come to several conclusions:

Never live in Maine.  Ever.

I had a great summer there when I was a kid, but apparently I was lucky to get away with my life.  Stephen King and Jessica Fletcher agree that people DIE in Maine ALL THE TIME.  Either by giant clown spider aliens, by rabies, or by plain ol’ murder, if you are in Maine YOU WILL DIE.  Don’t move to Maine people.  I’m getting a little freaked out that I live in a city which has the same name as a city in Maine – and I live on an entirely different coast to the fateful state.Jessica Fletcher

If you are old and single, you will get hit on

Jessica Fletcher is an older widow who writes murder mysteries.  But, everyone with a penis has a crush on her.  Even young men.  Except her relatives – obviously.

On a serious note, I think they were trying to portray her as a sexy, younger Miss Marple.  But not much younger.

People kiss a lot as a greeting on the East Coast

This must be a Northerners thing, because I have a lot of friends in Florida and they don’t kiss me to greet me.  Hug, yes, kiss, no.  Maybe it’s actually just something from the 80’s.

The obvious suspect is never the right person – especially if they are Jessica’s relative or if she really likes them

There’s like one episode where someone she really likes is the killer.  ONE.  In 12 seasons.  I have yet to watch all the seasons, but I believe the pattern holds true.

 Watch out for spazzy people

Jessica Fletcher is probably the spazziest person I’ve seen.  She is always chasing after people or clues, jogging in a flailing sort of way, forgetting appointments, having to rush to the phone as if answering that call were a matter of life and death, and more.  But, she is super observant and somehow writes one best seller after another to support her jet-setting, murder attracting life-style.

80’s clothes are coming back

Sorry. I was in denial, but after watching this show, I see the light.  80’s clothes are returning.

Writers are RICH, Bitch

Seriously. She must make BANK.  Maybe it’s just writers from Maine.  The ones that don’t die.

Jessica Fletcher’s family has a million children

She is everyone’s aunt.  But what can I say, I wish she were my aunt.  I might get arrested for a murder, but I know she’d get me acquitted in the nick of time.


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