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It Has Come to This

I thought that title was pretty dramatic, and today has been a pretty low drama day – besides bathing my dog who has been itching himself like a crack addict with his medicated shampoo, and then being stopped in the street as I walked him by a lady looking for her lost dog.  Also finding out that three of my favorite podcasts need dinero right now in order to last through 2014.  Besides all that, it has not been a dramatic day.

This is my dog

This is my dog

This is who my dog reminds me of when he's itching the crap out of himself

This is who my dog reminds me of when he’s itching the crap out of himself

But enough.  Le’s talk words.  Let’s count said words and see what we’ve got.

As of the beginning of last week I was at 25,858 words for my young adult, dark urban fantasy novel tentatively titled “Hunting Annabelle.”  As of Sunday night, my word count was at…(drumroll) 31,939 words.  This means I wrote 6,081 words last week!  That’s almost the 7,000 words I was dreaming of writing every week.  Yay!

So, in the spirit of trying to write 1,000 or more words a day, my wordcount for today is 33,558.  This is 1,619 words written today.  Jolly good, what?

Now, because I know it’s probably pretty boring just to hear word counts and not what the words are all about, I’m going to give a little, teensy hint.  This story’s protagonist is a teenager with an eating disorder and an addiction.  Three of her best friends have recently been in a disaster.  One lost his leg while the other two are missing.  Our heroine has to overcome her own issues to find and rescue her friends.  The setting is modern-day Los Angeles, with a twist, since it’s fantasy and all.

So there you go, the sneak peak that was no peak at all.


Counting Down

This morning I woke up early to get writing.  My “early” isn’t actually early to a lot of people, but it was cold, rainy and dark, so that’s early to me.  My husband lay sleeping, my dog lay itching (he has an allergy that’s driving everyone crazy – we’ve been to the vet and I’m hoping his meds will kick in) and I set three alarms to get up.

It was so dark, I almost failed to put on matching socks.  But, even glasses-less, in a dark room, I managed to avoid that faux pas.  It seems silly to worry about that – because I work from home, but the problem is that I’ll wear them all day, then forget and wonder where the matching socks to those sock’s mates are.  Then I’ll shove those sock’s mates into the back of my sock drawer, and after laundry day I’ll wonder why the sock monster ate my socks.  It’s a vicious cycle.  So, it was important to me to sort this sock situation out.

They match!  I am saved!

They match! I am saved from the sock monster.  Phew!

After my coffee, playing with my dog who FINALLY stopped itching and went to sleep behind my desk chair, I started by editing what I had last written.  Then, I moved forward.  I am working off of an outline for the first time of my life, and while it’s actually very helpful, there are still a lot of points I am working out as I go along.  I think the story will end the same as on the outline, and I am consistently revising it to make sure the new aspects are noted, but I have a habit of writing what comes next into the doc on which I’m writing the story itself – kind of outlining as I go.  So, I always have to make sure I note anything significant in my outline, and I make sure to copy and paste the part coming up next that’s on the outline into the story.

I cut those words out when I did my first word count of 22,479 (yesterday’s total word count).  Today I cut them out again and I got 23,835 – a total of 1356 more words tacked on to the story.   Yay!!  It took about an hour and fifteen minutes to reread what I’d written before (probably about 300 words) and then write the additional 1356 words.  So, I’ll try to either get a ton of work done today so I don’t have to get up early tomorrow, or get up early again tomorrow and write again.

On a completely separate note, what’s with the government shutting down?  Jeez, people.  Get it together.  I like our National Parks and our museums.  I like that people are employed by the government – some of them are actually passionate about their work.  Make some decisions and get on with it.  I am not a big government supporter/protester/anarchist/republican/democrat/liberal or anything.  One of my reasons for feeling that sometimes we just have to make a decision and move on is… you can always change something if you think it’s wrong!!!  Why not review policy every couple of years or something and see if it should be changed.  That way we don’t have to make giant, momentous decisions and shut down anything that the public might hold dear.

Sorry, I don’t really read the news, but the Google Doodle today told me about what happened and I couldn’t help but make a comment.

Back on topic: I hope I make it to the writing desk tomorrow!

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