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Word Count Update

So, in my effort to add words to my manuscript, I managed to edit out words.  Good going on my part, right?  But, I did actually write more words in the end, so that’s got to count for something.  I started out at 34,743 words and ended at 37,021 words.  That means I added 2,278 words between yesterday and today.  Not quite my 1,500 word a day goal, but close.  If you count the writing I actually get paid for, I wrote way over that.

It’s so gorgeous outside, I wish I could have an external office.  It’s my dream to one day have a house that I own, and for that house to have a little shack in the back.  I want to redo the shack and make it a tiny library/office.  In my dream home, the shack would have plumbing so I didn’t have to go into my home for bathroom breaks, and I’d just be out there, writing and watching things grow, rain fall, plants die, squirrels come and go, and more.  My dog would sleep at my feet as he’s doing now, and I would just create all day long.  Le sigh.  In this shack there would also be a super comfy chair, and two walls lined from floor to ceiling with bookshelves.  I could take down a book and read it in my comfy chair, my dog in my lap, and a lamp burning bright.

I’m pretty sure if I had such a place, I would never leave it.  I would get a mini fridge and a hot plate and eat out there, I would get a cot and sleep out there, and my husband would hate it.  So, we’ll see if there’s a tiny writing shack in my future.

I leave you now with something my good friend and actually published author, Jess Haines, tagged me in on Facebook.  She knows me all too well:

And from there I got sucked into this:

That’s all, I promise. I’ll post more tomorrow.


Weekend update

In my last post, I forgot to add a title, so I titled it “Apparently not worth writing a title for.”  In case that’s weird in the future, that’s why.

Anyway, I said I’d be busy this weekend and I’m about to make that promise into reality.  But I did get a little writing done last night and this morning.  I am now at 31,486 words.  That means I wrote 1,288 more words between yesterday’s post and today.  Whew!

I’m freaking out a little because I am obsessing about this book constantly.  I went on a date with the husb last night and all I could think about/talk about was my book.  Oh well.  I just need to work harder and finish it.

I gotta go now, but hopefully I’ll be able to write more in the morrow.  I leave you with a little ear candy:



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