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Writing 365 – The Collector

I have an idea about hoarders that I want to explore in-depth, but in the meantime I’m going to follow the prompt “Exploring what it feels like to be a hoarder” in a piece of flash fiction.

The Collector

She sits on a pile of old fashion magazines, the pieces of her collection towering above her. A draft of moist air brings the scents of each item she has assembled to her nose. Some of it is moldering, other pieces are covered in mildew, while some have dissected – smelling only of dust. This spot, surrounded by all the things she has compiled over the last twenty years, is the only place in this world where she feels safe.

I think the phenomenon of hoarding is endlessly fascinating and tragic. So, I’ll likely explore this more. See you next time!



Writing 365 -Flash Fiction

Hemmingway once wrote the “shortest novel ever.” It goes “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” This is the most extreme piece of flash fiction I’ve ever seen, but I love the brevity of this type of story, so I wanted to challenge myself today and write an ultra short story – in 100 words.

The topic: An astrologer waltzes with the sun inside a marble city. I got this one off of Twitter, courtesy of Magical Realism Bot.


Predawn light is the only illumination in the shivery chamber. The King, his astrologer, and twenty of his closest advisors listen as the screams of the Queen echo through the castle, waiting for the first wails of an heir. The newborn howls just as the sun flashes into the room, dancing off each vein in the marble. The astrologer exults, waltzing with the effervescent sun. This child will usher in the age of plenty and, though the old man knows he will not see this dream unfold, he is ebullient. His spirit capers with the sun one last time before a cloud snuffs the light.


Okay, this is 105 words. Pretty close though, right? I hope you enjoyed this piece of flash fiction. See you tomorrow!


PS: The photo used was found on Flickr at the profile of Photo courtesy of Aurelien Villette. This photo is not owned by me and should only be attributed to Mr. Villette, who does amazing work.


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